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Allen Law Office

Formerly the Law Office of Courtney Jones

Protective Orders

In Indiana, courts can issue orders to protect people from domestic or family violence, stalking, or a sex offense. These are called Orders for Protection, or protective orders. The person requesting the protective order, or the protected person, is called the "Petitioner" and the individual whom the protective order is requested or issued against is called the "Respondent". A protective order granted by the court usually prohibits the respondent from contacting the petitioner or members of the petitioner's household. Along with prohibiting contact, the court may enter additional orders, such as restricting the possession of fire arms or ordering the respondent to vacate a residence.

Any individual may obtain a protective order without cost if they are the victim of domestic violence, stalking, or a sex offense. The process begins by completing a petition and filing it with the court. At that point, a judge will review the request and either grant or deny the petition. There are two kinds of protective orders; an ex parte protective order, which may be granted without a hearing and a protective order issued after a hearing. However, if the ex parte protective order is granted, the respondent has the right to request a court hearing within 30 days of receiving notice of the protective order.

Indiana protective order forms can be found at:

If you need a protective order, or a protective order has been filed against you, contact us for a consultation.